Baking is More Fun with Friends

Do you enjoy trying new recipes? Ask a friend to come over for a cooking or baking date.

My dear sweet friend Elaine wanted to try this soda bread recipe from our local newspaper from the week before. We had so much fun in the kitchen. She wanted to play with adding new ideas to the recipe.

Conversations covered areas from books, recipes, and life in general while the bread was being made. It’s a great way to catch up on your life.

Our time together was like a work-out date, except it was about sharing time and planning menus with our style of eating and trying new recipes.

So if you want to spend more time with your friend or friends, plan a cooking date. It’s time well spent.

We enjoyed breaking bread together and sharing a cup of lentil soup I had started earlier that morning. We invited my husband George to join us for lunch. He commented, “the two of you really enjoy your time together don’t you?”

Our smiles told our story to each other.

Kitchens are a fun place to play!




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