Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

I know I wanted to plant a garden, and I wanted it to be practical. We had such a beautiful spring and we were past the frost time. It was a perfect time to plant a garden.

Let me take you through some of the steps and how we got to where we are today.

The area I was looking at was a complete mess, so I thought a raised bed would add to the landscape. My back would be able to handle the height of a raised bed better for maintenance and harvesting.

Our gardener Shawn from “Evergreen Landscaping and Maintenance” agreed to build it. It didn’t take much work to prepare the area because the pool people had already torn up the area and we needed to maximize the space. I wanted to grow fresh herbs and vegetables with a couple of dwarf fruit trees in this area.

With the raised bed it was a way to have control over the soil. We had the bed filled with a high quality of good soil mixture and compost. With beautiful warm spring weather and a couple of good rains we had a good compacted area ready for planting. I bought my seeds from Home Depot and my plants from Lowes. At first it looked a little bare but adding the purchased plants it looked better. Still a bit bare, but better. I breath a sigh of relief when the seeds started popping their heads. Veggies are sprouting and growing.

The Garden is now in full swing and you can see some of the tiny vegetable heads. That’s the fun of the garden, yes some of the work is repetitive, but I find it so rewarding. Seeing my garden grow makes me smile.

I also get to harvest it and bring it to my kitchen and enjoy it more with a favorite recipe. That’s the thing about summer and having your own garden for home prepared meals. And yes, all of these pictures are from this garden.

I hope you enjoyed some of our before and after pictures of our raised vegetable garden.

Enjoy your summer!


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