Raised Bed Gardening Year Two

Remember our raised garden bed from last year? Looking back and seeing how a small patch of dirt was transformed from simple construction to types of plants. (see last years garden post) I wondered if it would be the right location for herbs and vegetables.

In March we had some warm and sunny days, so it was clean up and planting time. The first thought was what do we plant this year? The herbs did really well over the winter, we even had to cut some of them back. Having herbs ready to use every day was such a blessing. The seeds this year we decided to plant were carrots and radishes. Then, two types of tomatoes with wire cages, zucchini, and bell peppers were our transplants.

I also planted potato eyes from potatoes that had sprouted in the pantry to see if they would grow. They have started to grow so we will keep you posted on what happens next. 

Potato Plant Growth

My dear friend Elaine gave me three one-gallon strawberry plants and we already have many berries. 

Strawberry Plant Idea

We enjoyed having homegrown food from our garden last year. It was so productive. Looking forward to this year’s harvest. The raised bed benefits. Easy to maintain, plant and weed. Plus it is organized in a small area as well as attractive.

I love the spring of the year where the birds are singing and the weather is just right for being outside.

Happy Gardening,

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