Fireplace Remodel

Style is a sense of pride in a home remodel.

It takes inspiration, transformation and a little imagination.

Two years ago my husband and I decided to down size to a one level home. In our area building a new home takes a year and at our age we didn’t feel like we had that kind of time. Luckily a friend said she had a home for sale. We took a look at it and decided we could update and remodel it in stages and live in the home at the same time.

The house was 20 years old. This is how we went about the task – changing room by room. The layout and adding the new.

So our story begins.

We started by removing all the window treatments, carpets and a new coat of paint to everything inside and out. We felt it needed more of a neutral color and trim in white instead of the pale pink throughout. The real remodeling started with our family room and the brick fireplace.

One of the most “lived in” rooms in our home is the family room. We knew we wanted to update the fireplace first with a cost – effective and exciting design. Most of all we wanted it to be the centerpiece of our home for our family and friends to relax.

So it was really the first of many of the home improvement projects. We will be showing more with you later about our projects and some of the people we trust and used.

My husband and I love the outcome.

Be sure to scroll through the before, during and after of our home fireplace and family room project.

This is what the fireplace in the family room looked like when we first bought the house.

First step to our remodeling was the demolition: removing the brick.

Next was removal of old framing and adding the new framing. The first photo shows the before and the second photo shows the after. In the new framing we added TV wiring and set up.

Then came decorative wood paneling.

Here are more angles to show you the room.

Last step was adding furniture to our family room and our new fireplace compliments the room very nicely.

Here is the completed look! The one person that was very helpful with the new look and choosing the fireplace insert and paneling was Joe Gibbons of Carpet Plus in St. George Utah.

Hope this helps you to relax and dream your dreams.


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