Staying Hydrated This Summer – Bluejean Water Bottle Label

With summer being so hot we want to encourage you to drink more water. I like to keep lots of bottled water from Costco on hand for people coming and going during the summer months. Nothing like chilled water when you are thirsty. Stay hydrated at home or on the go. I like adding a personal touch to the bottles. I remove the label and add a causal one of my own. I like to hand these chilled bottles of water to a guest, neighbor or hired hand when we are in the yard. It’s a refreshing way to say relax and enjoy the day.

I want to encourage you and your friends to drink more water because your body feels better and more alert when you’re hydrated. So, we have a gift for you and it is FREE! Add these bluejean water bottle labels we have provided to your bottles.


  1. Print and cut out the water bottle labels and remove original label from bottle.
  2. For a water proof label cut a piece of clear packaging tape about an inch longer than the label. With the sticky side up lay the tape on a table or flat surface. Place label onto tape with the front facing the sticky side. Pick up the label and attach it to the bottle.
  3. If your label does not need to be water proof just tape the ends together with double sided tape after placing the label around the bottle.

Click here to print the Bluejean Corner Water Bottle Label


P.S. These water bottle wraps are great for parties. Enjoy!

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