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No place like home to relax and enjoy a good book. These are some of the books I’ve read this summer, mainly historical fiction.

Reading is a way you learn about different types of people and friendships. I normally read in the evening, but this summer my husband and I found time earlier in the day to relax by the pool and enjoy a couple of the books we’ve been wanting to read.

I believe you receive inspiration from reading. So I hope you feel more inspired to do more reading and that these bookmarks will help you not to lose your place!

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  1. Hi Sharon; I like the topic of this article. I expected to read more. I guess it is to connect to your bookclub posts.I love tea too enjoy all your posts on your Facebook page.. I read my favorite books morning and night before I go to sleep and when I wake up for a bit of relaxing. I save and give books to my friends who would like that book. I love to purchase and give children’s books to the youngsters in my extended family. Children book illustrators are my favorite kind of artists. Warm regards, Joyce

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