Hand Crochet Teacup and Beverage Coaster Doilies

I always have teacups and beverage coasters sitting around on tables, counters, nightstands, on my desk, and at tea parties. Coasters are more than decorative pieces. They protect the surface of tables and other areas where a beverage is placed. In addition, they serve as drip mats that soak up the condensation and as a heat barrier. Condensation or heat from beverages can stain and ruin tables or countertops. Additionally, coasters may be placed on top of a cup or glass when outside to protect a drink from insects. It also tells people the beverage is not finished.

Our coasters are hand-crocheted with 100% cotton thread that’s great for absorbing water condensation and protecting surfaces from heat. We have 20 beautiful color variations that come in sets of two. You can purchase your own on our brand new Etsy shop! They make great housewarming, birthday, wedding, or tea party gifts.

Crocheting is a gift my grandmother passed down to me. I crochet while watching TV or waiting at hospitals, doctors, dentists, ER rooms, etc. It gives me a sense of purpose and helps calm and quiet my mind when I’m stressed. It’s not only something for me to do with my hands; it’s a way of multitasking. You will often find me praying as I crochet. It’s a great conversation starter when I’m waiting at appointments. I have found it helps others relax while they’re waiting too. I joke that crocheting will prevent me from getting dementia, and the doctors always laugh. I like making them as a pastime, and they make lovely gifts for others. They are practical, affordable, simple, and useful. At the end of the day, you will find me sitting back with my husband, relaxing and crocheting.


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