Thanksgiving Table Settings

It’s November and a brand new month, and this month we celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving sounds wonderful. The name suggests it’s about giving thanks to things we are thankful for, like our country, home, family, and dear friends around the Thanksgiving table.

One way to spice up your table is to add napkin rings. Here I have used paper and ribbon to create my own DIY napkin ring, and you can use our free printout to create blessings around your table.

Thanksgiving Blessings Napkin Ring Supplies & Instructions


  • card stock to print on
  • scissors
  • 1 inch ribbon cut into 10-inch strips
  • hole puncher


  1. Insert card stock paper into your printer and then print the Thanksgiving Napkin Rings
  2. Cut out each rectangle and use the hole puncher on the circles.
  3. Pull the ribbon through the holes then shape and place around napkins
  4. Place on your table and enjoy!

Click Here for Thanksgiving Napkin Rings


Enjoy your Thanksgiving and count all of your blessings.



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