Teacups and Friends: My Two Favorite Things

I am so glad you’re here! These are strange times, aren’t they? It’s like reading a novel. Lifes busyness doesn’t always have time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Our lifestyles are being limited right now and our activities need to be more fulfilling. I find a comfortable pair of bluejeans and a teacup help me to start my day and count my blessings.

Share a cup of friendship! Sharing a cup of friendship is to invite a friend over for a cup of tea while enjoying each other’s company. Spending time with a friend shifts our thinking from what the challenges are to what truly brings happiness. It’s been called a cup of kindness in so many ways. From the very first sip, we create a special moment and memories when we just sit together and share our time. There are moments of encouragement, inspiration, learning, sharing, and growing that takes place. A feeling of trust and meaning of personal happiness and contentment in extending kindness to one another. The laughter and joy we share deepen our friendship.

This brings me back to teacups. Where there are two teacups there surely will be relaxing and wonderful conversations about to take place. It can be a reflection of inspiration. It soothes our minds and helps us to also heal and share our relationships with one another.

Below is an assortment of teacup photos. I have so many more fun ideas for teacups. I hope you will visit again real soon for some of these ideas. When I look at my teacups I realize it’s finding pleasure in simplicity and that they have a special beauty all their own.


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