Spring Tea Party For Three or More

There is something about this time of year that we call spring. Spring cleaning, spring break, spring chicken etc. Is it the weather, or the beauty in the flowering of trees, or the gorgeous flowers in such beautiful colors? We seem to spend more time at home cleaning and working in our gardens this time of year. So when the work is done and you now want to catch up with friends and just relax, have yourself a Spring Tea Party with your friends at home. Your home is clean and the garden is beautiful. Surprise your friends by inviting them over for me time, because they are your dearest friends. It’s a friendly request that makes them feel special and so uplifting for you too! 

We can help you with ideas on the preparation. I used to own a tearoom for over ten years and people are always asking for my recipes and design ideas. We did lots of parties and enjoyed working with people. We can share some of those ideas along with new ones with you. 

Tips, pictures and recipes will be offered if you continue to follow us here in your bluejeans at Bluejean Corner.

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