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We created our Bingo game for afternoon tea parties in mind, but now that we need to social distance, tea parties aren’t happening. Although you can still play our game at home! For those of you with three of more people at home print out the the bingo cards! There are 30 tea party bingo cards. Cards print 2 on a page 24 game pieces + free space. The callers will draw out each game piece from a hat, large tea cup or tea pot. Players will place a button, chip, candy or bean on the matching item on their game board. The person to cover 5 in a row wins! Prizes could include bag of candy with a pretty ribbon and tag.

Have fun and remember to enjoy your time together!

BINGO FILE: Tea Party Bingo Cards

  • 17 pages of card-stock paper to print on
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • a large bowl, hat or tea pot for the caller to draw from
  • 24 bingo chips, buttons, bean or candy per person playing
  • prizes for winners


  1. Put card-stock paper into your printer for a more sturdy bingo card
  2. Open the file and click print
  3. In the printer settings make sure double-sided printing is selected. This is also known as two-sided printing. Then make sure it’s set to long-edge binding also known as flipping the long edge.
  4. Once printed, cut out the Bingo cards and the calling item cut-outs.

  1. Put the caller’s calling item cut-out pieces in a hat, large bowl or even a tea pot to draw from.
  2. Gather some bingo chips and prizes for the winners and you will be ready to play!



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