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We are in a world of face masks and social distancing from our friends and family. While our movements these days are restricted in so many ways it doesn’t mean we can’t still find comfort at home. Home is my comfort zone and this summer with the pandemic I find I have more time to read. I believe we fuel companionship and inspiration in books. My friends and I like to share and compare the world of books, fiction and non-fiction. I really enjoy books that portray different types of friendships and love.

Here are some fun and free printouts you can use at a book club!

Click here for: Book Club Word Search

Click here for: Word Search Answer Key

Napkin Rings and Gift Tags


  • card stock to print on
  • scissors
  • ribbon cut into 10 inch strips
  • hole puncher


  1. Insert card stock paper into your printer and then print your desired design.
  2. Cut out each gift tag or napkin ring and use the hole puncher on the circles.
  3. Pull the ribbon through the holes then shape and place or tie around napkins or gift.
  4. Place on your table or give to your guests to enjoy!

Click here for: Napkin Rings

Click here for: Gift Tags

I find books are a great way to relax in the evening and sometimes you just want to discuss what you read with another person – or two. Do you have a favorite book you want to share?



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