Bridal Shower Tea Party

Hosting a bridal shower is a wedding tradition and a way of helping the bride-to-be in the celebration.

There are so many reasons to be excited about planning a bridal shower tea party. It is one of the most exciting times for the bride with many incredible changes for her. She met someone and fell in love. So you want to help make her day really special? What better way than with a tea party! What’s not to love about the delicate china teacups, beautiful flowers, table settings, and a wonderful and delicious menu with finger foods, games, and being with friends?

The first step to creating your bridal shower tea party is choosing your theme. You could do a theme centered around color. Here are some examples I have made with pink, black, gold, and silver.

Pink is a lovely feminine color that could be perfect for your bridal shower. Here I used my pink and gold china tea set that goes perfectly with a gold napkin ring.

You could also use pink and white china that has a lovely floral design on the surface along with our silver napkin ring holder.

The next color I used was black. I love black because it gives a very classic and sophisticated look.

Here is how I set the table with gold and one of the ways to use the gold napkin ring holder.

The gold napkin ring holder with the gold and white china works really well also.

The last color I did was silver. I used my Lenox china that has a beautiful silver trim with a grey charger under the plates. On top of the plates, I added a grey napkin and a silver napkin ring holder with white ribbon.

You may have noticed in all the photos above I used this napkin ring in silver and gold. Here is how you can make them yourself!


  • printer
  • card-stock paper
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • ribbon cut into 10 inch strips

First put card stock paper in your printer and print out the rings. Below are the links to the PDF files to print.

Click here for gold napkin rings: Gold Napkin Rings

Click here for silver napkin rings: Sliver Napkin Rings

After printing, cut around the rings and use a hole puncher on the circles. Next, pick your favorite ribbon and cut it into 10-inch strips. Feed the ribbon through the paper like so.

Now put a napkin through it and add it to your tea party table for a fun touch!

You now have a beautiful table for your bridal shower guests to enjoy it’s time to plan some games. Games are very important for a fun bridal shower. There are many games I love to play but one of my go-to’s is word search puzzles. Bluejean Corner has created a bridal shower-themed word search puzzle for you to use.

Click here for the Word Search: Bridal Shower Word Search

Click here for the Answer Key: Bridal Shower Word Search Answer Key

The difference between a good or great bridal shower is often the details and the attention when we plan ahead. Look closely at the bridal shower tabletop; the attention to tabletop settings, floral centerpieces, menu, and games makes it worth it. The delicate china teacups and teapots add a special charm. Teatime is usually set between 2:00 and 5:00 pm. Remember your tea party is mixing and matching old with new. It marries the classic with modern.

I hope these photos gave you some ideas for your bridal shower tea party. Your theme gives everyone an excuse to put on the best party dress or maybe even a cute and fabulous hat. It can be a delightful, feminine, elegant, and fun event with a girly feel. With your shower, it’s important to create an atmosphere that is feminine and romantic. Making sure your bride-to-be has a lovely afternoon with the people that are so dear to her. It is a wonderful time well spent.

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