A Bluejean’s Kind of Tea Party + Free Guest List Printout

Not all afternoon tea parties have to be formal. For some of your friends that can be intimidating. When I had my tea room I enjoyed when customer’s shared stories of afternoon tea parties they enjoyed or remembered. I love the story I heard from a lovely lady doctor sharing why she loved to have tea with her friends and dress for the occasion. She told me “You would not believe how we dress!” She booked a party with us and I loved the way they were so relaxed and comfortable when they arrived. Let me have you visualize this picture. She came wearing simple bluejeans, cowboy hat and boots, a silk blouse, pearls, and lace gloves. Talk about adorable! Her friends each came in with like attire. She told me that for her wedding she also had an afternoon tea party.

So with that in mind look at you and your friends. Come up with a theme, color, or just a get-together. Remember bluejeans are comfortable and come in many styles. Grab a tea cup and let the fun begin.

In the near future, you will be able to get teacups and teapots from us! Bluejean Corner is in the works for a Tea Cup and Tea Pot online store and rental. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on your social media to be apart of our journey!

Click here for our free bluejean guest list printout. Use it for your next party!


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