Baby Bottle Napkin Rings

Here comes the baby! Things will never be the same.

When your best friend or family member finds out she is pregnant it is like her world stands still. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is: winter, spring, summer, or fall, you are so happy for her. It’s like you both laugh and cry all at the same time together. Next, you both wonder what the gender will be. Will it be a cute little girl or a darling little boy?

As a friend, you want to host a baby shower for her. I suggest hosting an afternoon tea party for the mom-to-be. Bring her friends together in a baby shower of delight and anticipation. It can be so enjoyable and a lot of fun.

Another option could be to host a gender reveal party. Gender reveal parties are super popular in today’s generation. I think it is so fun to gather together with family and friends to find out the gender of the baby on the way. Make sure to take photos and videos of that special moment.

To help decorate at your party of choice we made these blue and pink baby bottle napkin ring holders. They are so easy to make and will add a fun touch to your table! Here is how you can make them.


  • printer
  • card-stock paper
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • ribbon cut into 10-inch strips

First, put card stock paper in your printer and print out the baby bottles. Below are the links to the PDF files to print.

Click here for the pink bottles: Pink Bottles

Click here for the blue bottles: Blue Bottles

After printing, cut around the baby bottles and use a hole puncher on the white circles. Next, pick your favorite ribbon. Many different kinds of ribbon will work great, here I have white, blue, and pink ribbon that is 1/4 inch and 1 inch thick. Cut them into 10-inch strips.

Take the ribbon you decided to use and feed it through the bottle and tie a bow. If that is not your style, use a thicker ribbon, I used 1 inch thick and fed it through like demonstrated in the second picture.


Leave extra space on the ribbon for a napkin to fit and turn it into a napkin ring holder!

Now add it to your table for a fun touch to your tea party! I paired these napkin rings with my pink and blue teacups and plates. White, pink, or blue napkins would work great with these napkin rings.


I hope that some of our ideas here at Bluejean Corner will make your job as a hostess a little easier. I hope it helps you with hosting an unforgettable Baby Shower or Gender Reveal tea party for that someone you love.

Have a wonderful day, Enjoy your time with your family and friends.


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