A Teddy Bear Named Neva Jean

Neva Jean is the first of our tea bear collection. She is a cozy soft white teddy bear dressed in a gold tutu skirt and soft peach flower headband. She comes with a soft peach and gold mini teacup and saucer. Each fuzzy friend will come with their own outfit, certification of adoption, and teacup saucer set. Teddy bears companions are perfect for any child’s tea time.

The life of a child’s teddy bear is an important one. We get dragged around everywhere and anywhere. Through the garden and backyard to riding in the cart at the grocery store, and after everything, we are tucked into bed next to them every night as they sleep. We are their best friends so hosting a tea party dedicated to bringing us along and spending time with others is an unforgettable one.

Every child wants and deserves to feel special because they are precious and irreplaceable. Just like our bears come with their own teacup and saucer, each little boy and girl should have their own little teacup as well. We will be bringing more teacups and saucer sets to our shop here soon with hopes to encourage children to embrace their uniqueness during tea parties with friends and family.


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